Racers enthrall spectators by whizzing through wet tracks

By SimpliCity News Team

Jul 09, 2018 12:03 PM

Coimbatore: Racing through wet tracks isn't that easy. Inspite of persistent drizzle and slippery tracks, the racers of 21st National Racing Championship commenced at Kari Motor Speedway enthralled the spectators by glazing through the wet tracks.

More than 60 racers from Chennai, Coimbatore, Mumbai, Delhi and various parts of the country participated in the 21st National Racing Championship held at Kari Motor Speedway on July 7 to 8.

In the 1st round of LGB 4 category, Rohit Kanna from Delhi of Dark Don Racing came first followed by Chittesh Mandody from Avalanche Racing and Vishnu Prasad from Chennai.

In the second round, Rahul Rangasamy from Chennai of M Sports emerged first followed by Sithesh Mandhodi of Avalanche Racing and Vishnu Prasad of M Sports.

In the 1st and 2nd round of Euro JK 18 Category, Bryan Perera from Srilanka clinched the 1st spot followed by Nayan Chatterji from Mumbai and Ashwin Dutta from Chennai.

Due to rains, the 3rd round was slightly delayed. Yet, the racers gave a visual treat to the audience by whizzing through the wet tracks. Coimbatore racers, Megha and Lee Dharan gained 15th and 18th spot respectively.