'My Shopping My Bag' initiative by CCMC has now turned into a movement!

By SimpliCity News Team

Nov 08, 2016 09:44 PM

What started off as a spark has erupted into a fire, 'My Shopping My Bag' is one such initiative of the Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation (CCMC) which has transformed into a movement now. A spirited team of dedicated volunteers are tirelessly working towards the goal of this initiative - to eradicate the use of plastic bags in our city. CCMC special officer Dr. Vijayakarthikeyan declared ‘I am the change’ as the tagline for My Shopping My Bag initiative.

It all started off with a group of like-minded people working towards the cause of this initiative by discussing the ill effects of using plastic bags while shopping. Brainstorming sessions among core members of this initiative offered a solution on the alternatives that can be used by shop owners and shoppers. Next came the phase of creating an impact. The volunteers have also come-up with some practical ideas as an alternate solution for plastic carry bags. 

It was decided that the 100 Swachh Women Wonders team will spread the My Shopping My Bag initiative in their respective wards. In this regard, the women, accompanied by volunteers of the group toured the small, medium and small commercial establishments in their respective wards. Instead of slapping fines on establishments for using plastic bags, the volunteers chose to educate the commercial establishment owners on the detrimental effects of using plastic bags and this approach worked. The shoppers were not left out. They too were briefed on the damage plastic bags cause and thus an impact was created.

The approach of educating the people about the cause of this movement has so far pooled 50 plus small, medium and big shop owners to become a part of this initiative. Commercial establishments from a plethora of sectors including hotel, jewellery, apparel, home decor among others have duly signed the My Shopping My Bag declaration form to abstain from using plastic bags inside their establishments.

The team of My Shopping My Bag volunteers aim at having at least one hundred commercial establishments sign the declaration form before 10th November 2016. With the amazing response they have been getting from the people and the establishments, undoubtedly they would achieve their targets way ahead of time. CCMC invites shop owners who are interested to join the campaign by signing the self declaration form and WhatsApp their consent to 8190000200.

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