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Water flow from Chithirai Chavadi check dam to Sengulam lake was blocked intentionally - MP P.R. Natarajan

Aug 13, 2019 10:09 PM

Coimbatore: Alleging that water flow from Chithirai Chavadi check dam to Sengulam lake was intentionally blocked by the people belonging to the ruling party, MP P.R. Natarajan requested the District Collector to probe the issue.

He along with Pollachi MP Shanmugasundaram jointly submitted a petition to the District Collector, K. Rajamani on Tuesday urging to expedite the relief work in the affected areas during the recent rains. 

While addressing the press, MP P.R Natarajan said, "Some people from the ruling party has intentionally blocked the water flow from Chittiraichavadi dam to Sengulam lake. The district administration have to probe this highly condemnable act and take immediate action against the perpetrators."

He pointed that close to 20 houses have been washed away near Aathupalam here. Hence, alternate dwellings have to be arranged for them by the Slum Clearance Board.

"I have met the MSME Director in the Centre and discussed about constructing a fully equipped trade centre in 25 acres of land at a budget of Rs. 100 crores", said MP Shanmugasundaram.

He also alleged that the offenders involved in the Pollachi sex scandal case are yet to be identified. "Even after handing over the case to CBI, the case is lagging behind. Despite several protests to fasten the probe, no notable developments have been seen. All the women victims involved in the case should be investigated privately to trace the truth."

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