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Ex-Policeman Assn. demands apology from Kanchipuram District Collector for verbally abusing Police officer

Aug 13, 2019 06:52 PM

Coimbatore: Members of Ex-policemen association who held a press conference in the city alleged that Kancheepuram district collector has insulted a police officer in duty during Athivarathar darshan.

While addressing the press, Retired DSP Velliangiri said, "The Kanchipuram District Collector insulted the Police Inspector Ramesh in front of members of the public who have gathered for Athivarathar Darshan. This act of his has defamed the police department as a whole in the eyes of the public. The District Collector should submit an apology through the media for his act."

While condemning the verbal abuse, he said “It is saddening that the District Collector has abused a Police Inspector using such words that cannot be tolerated by anyone".

Stating that a case will be filed against the District Collector for defamation and as well as petitions would be submitted to the CM and DGP. 

He stressed that even though the District Collector issued a VIP pass, the authority to permit people in the VIP queue still lies with the Police department.

"It is not right to insult a police officer who carries out his duty on the ground level. Police have always been the scapegoats in incidents such as this” he said.

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