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Callous attitude of Corporation officials in felling a six-year old tree vexes Peelamedu doctor

Aug 13, 2019 06:16 PM

Coimbatore: In what can be termed as an act of utter insensitivity, a six-year-old Punnai Tree (Callophyllum inophyllum) was felled by officials from the Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation while digging a borewell at Cape Neem Land, in Peelamedu here, on Tuesday.

The roadside tree was taken care of by Dr. R Tolstoy, a doctor based in Coimbatore whose passion involves wildlife  conservation photography. When officials had attempted to uproot the tree to give way to a borewell that was being dug there, Dr. Tolstoy had protested against it. The officials had agreed to leave the tree alone while on their job but reportedly cut the tree down later without the knowledge of Dr.Tolstoy. 

“I am very disappointed and deeply pained to see the 15 ft tree that I planted six years ago was cut down indiscriminately by the Corporation officials. 

They could have avoided cutting the tree if only they had dug the borewell two feet away. It is heart wrenching to see a tree that I planted, watered and embraced for six years being callously cut down," complained the vexed doctor. He hoped that at least in the future, keeping in mind that global warming is threatening life on earth itself, officials should not commit such blatant acts hereon.

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