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CCMC to conduct trial run of Green Vehicles with GPS to collect organic waste

Jul 11, 2019 07:36 PM

Coimbatore : CCMC will conduct a trial run of two modified 'green vehicles' in Ward No. 9 (Kavundampalayam) to collect only organic waste from households. The modified green vehicles will have a GPS tracker and QR code for every street. The organic waste collected from the the ward will be taken to the Micro Composting Center (MCC) at the Kavundampalayam dump yard.

The MCC which was functioning on a trial basis will become fully operational tomorrow. This is a major step in waste segregation and composting waste at the MCCs will help in reduction of the city's waste being dumped at the Vellalore dump yard. The trial run is aimed to have an idea about the problems faced on the field which can be rectified since more green vehicles will be used in the coming days to collect organic waste alone. Dry waste will be collected once or twice a week, according to the needs of the people. 

Commenting on the trial run, a senior Corporation official stated, "On a trial basis, CCMC will use two green vehicles fitted with GPS tracker and QR codes will be used once the vehicle enters a street. Using technology, we can track the movement of vehicles. This is being done first at ward no. 9 which has about 4000 houses. The organic waste collected will be processed at the MCC in the Kavundampalayam dump yard. About 4 to 5 tonnes of organic waste will be collected and turned into manure using composting. After the trial run, more green vehicles will be used to collect organic waste alone," he added.

The official also felt that public awareness will be the key to running this successfully. "Awareness will be created by way of announcements. Tomorrow, a senior officer accompanied by an animator and a worker will go and talk to people directly. People will slowly get accustomed to the fact that once the vehicle with a public address system comes to the street, they should hand over only organic waste," added the official. 

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