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Odisha woman and brothers petition seeking protection from mill owner

Jul 11, 2019 07:32 PM

Tirupur : In Venkateshwara Mills at Paruvai near Palladam in Tirupur, which is owned by Senthil, many labourers from the northern parts of India are employed. A young woman named Sumithra who works in the mill, along with her brothers Prabhu and Sanu from Cuttack submitted a petition to the District Collector on Grievance Day, last Monday. 

In the petition, all three had mentioned that they were not paid properly by the mill owner for the past six months and were treated like bonded labourers. Sumithra also complained that the mill owner was sexually abusing her. They also added in their petition that the owner was issuing threats to them to make them obey him. Sumithra requested the District Collector to ensure she received all her salary dues and also take action against the mill owner for sexually harassing her. 

The trio mentioned that fearing for their their lives, they had managed to escape from the mill and stayed in a manger nearby. A few concerned people who heard their story have arranged for their accommodation in friends' homes. Sumithra and her brothers have also complained to the Tirupur Commissioner today.

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