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Tea estate workers panic as bison herd encamps in Coonoor tea garden

Jul 11, 2019 06:39 PM

The Nilgiris : Tea estate workers have urged the Forest Department to chase the bison herds roaming in a Coonoor tea garden back into the deep forest regions. 

With the lush private tea gardens in Nilgiris district providing the perfect cover for wild animals, bisons, bears and leopards from the nearby forest regions stray fearlessly into these tea gardens. This morning, more than 25 bisons along with their calves flocked to the tea gardens at Brooke estate.

The tea estate workers were panic-stricken and stopped working midway. Only after they were sure that the bison herd had left the tea garden, the workers resumed work. The workers have insisted to forest officials that as a safety measure, the bison herd needs to be chased back into the deep forest regions. 

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