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Father alleges 'love jihad' as reason for daughter's suicide

Jun 13, 2019 03:48 PM

Coimbatore: A broken father in deep sorrow, Gangadharan petitioned the Police Commissioner today to take immediate action against the person who forced his daughter Ashwini Ganga to 'love jihad' or conversion. 

He was accompanied by his brother Nithun, Srithar Moorthy, member of the Hindu Munnani lawyers wing and Guna, a Hindu Munnani state executive.

Addressing the media, Gangadharan alleged that, Ashwini Ganga (1st year, B.Com (CA) at Sree Narayana Guru College was forced to commit suicide on April 25 at her house on a 'Love Jihad' dispute. He alleged that his daughter was tortured by a Muslim student (Jaffer) who was trying to convert Ashwini and said that Jaffer visited their house in their absence and abused Ashwini, which led her to hang herself in her bedroom, in her house at Kuniyamuthur.

Though the parents had filed a case with the Kuniyamuthur police station, Gangadharan alleged that no action was taken till date. Seeking justice for his daughter, Gangadharan along with Nithun alleged that the police had shown no interest in the issue. Hence, they decided to petition the Commissioner to take immediate necessary action against 'love jihad.' 

Gangadharan also claimed that there was a gang of Muslim students involved in popularising 'love jihad.' He called for severe action to be taken against the ideology of 'love jihad' and to prevent such tragedies in the future by arresting Jaffer.

According to police sources, it is reported that the father of Ashwini along with a Hindu organisation are trying to subvert the suicide as a religious battle. Sources says that the victim committed suicide in a love dispute rather than 'love jihad' and investigations are on at full swing to find the truth behind her suicide. 

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