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Young engineer's post on Facebook celebrating mother's remarriage goes viral, strikes a poignant chord with thousands in India

Jun 12, 2019 08:52 PM

In our patriarchal society, "Divorce and Remarriage" have long been taboo even as mere words. More so when it concerns a woman. 

Breaking the stereotype of such a society is hard for any woman even if she has been the victim of domestic abuse. But in a completely laudable expression of deep love and gratitude for his mother who survived domestic violence and divorced when he was in Class 10, a young engineer Gokul Sreedhar from Kollam in Kerala shared a Facebook post on Tuesday wishing his mother a happy married life, after her remarriage was arranged by him. The post has since gone viral and touched a deep chord in the hearts of thousands who admired the young son for celebrating his mother's sacrifices and ensuring she had her share of joy after decades. 

"It was my mother's wedding," wrote Gokul in Malayalam, sharing a picture of his mother. "I had contemplated a lot about writing such a post. Remarriage is still a taboo for many." In his post, Gokul reveals his mother's suffering at the hands of his father. "Once I saw her with blood dripping from her forehead after being assaulted. I asked her why she endured it. I remember what Amma told me then: that she was living for me and she was ready to endure more."

When in Class 10, the abuse had reached such violent proportions that both mother and son left their home. "When I left that house holding my mother's hand, I decided that I would make her remarriage happen. My mother, who gave up her youth for me, has many dreams to achieve and heights to conquer. I have nothing more to say. I just didn't want to keep this a secret," posted an emotional Gokul concluding his post with a simple yet poignant: "Happy married life, Mother."

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