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S P Velumani outlines strict measures at review meeting for Smart City and Amrut Plan

Jun 12, 2019 08:10 PM

Coimbatore : The Minister for Municipal Administration, Rural Development and Implementation of Special Programme, S P Velumani headed the review meeting for the proceedings of the Smart City plan and the Amrut Plan implementation in Corporation and Municipality areas in the State, at the MRC Nagar Administration Block, today.

The Minister enquired about the proceedings of the project implementation in the Smart City which is estimated to cost Rs.11,296.30 crores for 326 projects and also about the status of implementation of the Amrut plan in 12 corporations, 15 municipalities and 1 Town Panchayat costing Rs. 11,441 crores for 445 projects. S P Velumani instructed the authorities to speed up the completion of the ongoing projects and a faster initiation of the remaining projects. 

Addressing the meeting, the Minister urged that proper water distribution must be ensured and immediately implemented. "The water storage resources needed to be properly maintained and in case of blockage or damages in pipelines, they need to repaired with immediate effect," he reiterated. He also ordered immediate inspection of the condition of all motors and to replace worn ones. He also asked the officials to ensure the generators were ready to use, at all times. In case of faults, he urged them to hire from private entities to ensure seamless distribution of water.

S P Velumani asked the authorities to provide clean chlorinated water regularly, check water reserves,clean nearby ponds and wells if there is decrease in water levels, check the quality of water and ensure continuous water supply to the public. He also asked to check the distribution of water through lorries where pipelines were not possible.

The Minister instructed authorities to arrange for registration of complaints through phones and computers. On receiving the complaints, he instructed that a meeting be held every evening to plan and sort the complaints quickly. He insisted on strict action to be taken against individual houses that use motors to pump copious amounts of water, leaving others in the neighbourhood suffering from water scarcity. He also instructed the Town Panchayat Assistant Director to conduct a meeting with all the Assistant Engineers and officials to ensure drinking water distribution in town Panchayat areas. He ordered for distribution of drinking water to the poor and needy in remote areas through water lorries. 

S P Velumani also asked the Corporation and Municipality officials to use media to spread awareness on the importance of using water wisely and asked the public to support the cause to ensure there is no scarcity. 

The Principal Secretary to the Government and Controller of Water Supply, Harminder Singh Municipality Administration Commissioner T Karthikeyan, Chennai Corporation Commissioner K Prakash, Urban Development Officer Kakarla Usha, Tamil Nadu Water Director N Maheshwaran, Town Panchayat Director S Palanisamy, Chennai Water Board and Drainage Department Director Dr. Prabhu Sankar and other Corporation and Municipality officials attended the event.

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