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Floral arrangements in Kattery Park attract tourists

May 15, 2019 08:01 PM

The Nilgiris: Situated along the Mettupalayam-Coonoor main road, the Kattery garden is located 8 kms from Coonoor.

Among the various tourist attractions in the Nilgiris, the Kattery Park is visited by hundreds of tourists on a daily basis, as the place is less crowded and provides a picturesque view of the valleys of the blue mountains and the Rannimedu railway station.

Kattery Park is spread in a sprawling 5 acres of land. A large variety of fascinating flowers including different type of flowering annuals, shrubs, cacti, ornamental flowers, and also fruit trees like Pear and Jack provide a visual treat to the spectators.

To entertain the children, the Kattery Park has a Children’s Amusement Park, Water Fountain, Gazebos, Lawns., in the park premises and a well developed grass meadow and trees which makes the park a pleasing tourist spot in Coonoor, The Nilgiris.

The garden attracts lots of birds and butterflies, making it the perfect landscape for avid nature lovers and horticulturists. Alter Nendra, Chlorophyta, Ajaca, Toranda, Orishin and other colorful flowers welcome the tourists at the park.

The park also has a nursery which sells medicinal plants, ornamental plants, fruit trees, aquatic plants and bamboos.

Modern amenities such as parking, cafeteria and toilets are available at the park.

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