Why the BJP government did not analyse the consequences before implementing GST?, asks Actress Rohini in Coimbatore

By SimpliCity News Team

Apr 15, 2019 09:49 PM

Coimbatore : Actress Rohini was here in the city on Monday to campaign for P.R Natarajan, the CPM candidate for Coimbatore, during the campaign Rohini questioned "Why the BJP government did not analyse the consequences before implementing GST?".

"Medium and small scale industries in Coimbatore are adversely affected, due to the implementation of GST. Lakhs of employees are left jobless and lost their livelihood. After making a dent in the lives of labourers and MSMEs, now to garner votes the BJP government is claiming to bring down GST". 

She also slammed that the State government is trying to destroy the livelihood of farmers by bringing 8-way road scheme, hydrocarbon and methane schemes. They have even given the right of drinking water in Coimbatore to a private company named 'Suez’. 

Talking about NEET, Rohini expressed that NEET has buried the dreams of hundreds of medical aspirants hailing from poor backgrounds. We have already lost two of our students, Anitha and Prathiba for NEET. 

The actress also alleged the inaction of the State government in handling sexual assault against women. "The Police department which takes stern action in eve teasing cases turned their back in the Pollachi sexual assault case". 

She also cited the joint statement issued from artists, actors asking people to refrain from casting their votes for BJP. Those who brought to light the injustice by the BJP are termed as 'anti-nationals'. 

"We should throw the BJP government from power to ensure peace and harmony in the nation. So, we should all decide that we don’t need BJP regimeand vote wisely", she noted. 

She urged the people of Coimbatore Constituency to cast their votes to P.R. Natarajan the electoral candidate from CPM.

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