Kumki injured by wild elephant in Sadivayal

By SimpliCity News Team

Mar 14, 2019 07:31 PM

Coimbatore : Cheran, one of the Kumki elephants that were stationed at the Sadivayal kumki elephant camp in Coimbatore was attacked by a wild elephant around early morning today.

In the attack, the pachyderm sustained injuries on the back and left hind leg embossed by the wild tusker.

It fell down on the spot and later mahouts and foresters rushed for rescue. They threw crackers at the wild tusker and chased it inside the forest.

The animal was given basic medication by the foresters based upon the advice of former forest veterinary officer N.S. Manoharan, who would visit the spot later.

While foresters have assured that additional safety including repairing the Elephant Proof Trench would be done at the camp to ensure the safety of the mahouts and Kumkis Cheran and John who are at the camp.

However, activists have claimed that lack of a dedicated wildlife veterinarian in the Coimbatore Forest Division is resulting in delayed treatment of wild animals.

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