Do not share videos of Pollachi Sexual Abuse victims - CBCID

By SimpliCity News Team

Mar 14, 2019 06:51 PM

Coimbatore : The Coimbatore district police have issued an advisory to the public to not circulate the videos of the Pollachi sexual assault case on social media. 

Hours after the case was transferred to the CBI, the Coimbatore police issued a statement on Thursday, urging people who may have more information about the case to come forward. They promised to protect the informers’ identities as well.

People can also send pictures, videos, or information related to the case on a mobile number mentioned in the police statement - 9488442993. Urging people not to upload or share videos of the abuse itself, the advisory said, “Considering the importance of the case and the well-being of the affected person, we request you to not publish any photo or video in relation to this case on social media.”

If you wish you send information through post or give it in person, the address is:

Office of the Deputy Superintendent of Police,


No 800, Avinashi Road,



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