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Pricol Vs Union issue: Transferred employees to be dismissed for not reporting to work

Feb 12, 2019 06:53 PM

Coimbatore : Coimbatore-based Pricol Limited has dismissed employees from service who had not responded to its written appeals to begin work at their transferred locations after the recent strike that lasted hundred days.

In a press release the Management of Pricol Limited announced, “The Coimbatore District Pricol Workers’ Union, an affiliated body of the All India Central Council of Trade Union (AICCTU) has been functional in our Coimbatore plants since 2007. Ever since then, the members of the Union have been involved in various unlawful activities, thereby creating an unfavorable atmosphere for peaceful operations, both inside and outside the organization. In the recent strike that lasted for more than hundred days, false allegations against the organization was wildly circulated in the social media by the members of the AICCTU union.

Due to this, our major customers insisted that we transfer their existing orders strategically from Coimbatore plants to other plants located in different parts of the country to ensure continuous supply of products. This in turn affected the business at Coimbatore plants in a very big way. Under these challenging circumstances and considering our social responsibilities to engage the workmen who went on this strike, we did our best to accommodate as many workmen as possible in our Coimbatore plants and the other workmen at our other plants outside of Coimbatore (as per our contract of employment conditions). Since these businesses have been transferred based on the customer’s request for business stability and long-term sustainability of the organization, the decision to transfer was made in the best interests, of all stakeholders, more so to ensure the well-being of around 5000 families who are solely dependent on the well-being of Pricol.

A few of the transferred employees have already commenced work in their transferred locations while the rest have not responded to any of our written appeals to them for the past 75 days. Therefore, we have no other option but to dismiss them from the services w.e.f 11th February 2019 as per their contract of employment conditions and statutory guidelines. However, we are ready to reconsider their dismissal order on humanitarian grounds if these workmen are willing to resume duty (with a written consent letter to the management) at their allotted location within 7 days from now.”

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