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Night pilgrimage and stay prohibited in Vellingiri hills now

Feb 11, 2019 10:03 PM

Coimbatore : Citing frequent movement of wild animals and the safety of pilgrims, forest officials have stopped permitting them to trek the hills and stay atop during the night here.

With the 5.5 kms rocky pilgrimage ready to begin from the month of March and continue till April, pilgrims have been advised by the forest department to start the trek early and morning and return before dark to avoid encounters with wild animals.

According to senior officials from the department, the pilgrims have also been advised to not use the road between Mullankaadu and Vellingiri Aandavar temple after 6.00 pm as elephant movement is more in the area during that time.

In addition, special teams have been formed by the department to check the pilgrims if they are carrying plastic covers or objects that could catch fire easily.

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