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Residents demand shutdown of private oil company for causing health hazards

Feb 11, 2019 06:40 PM

Coimbatore : Residents of Nedunchezian Naalvar Nagar of Veerapandi Panchayat here have petitioned the District Collector on pollution issues in their area owing to a private oil factory in the area. 

Many of the residents fear that the day-long fumes from the Agni oil company functioning in their area might cause them serious long-term health complications. 

"Even the night hours are not spared. The factory functions 24/7, hence non-stop bad odorous smoke is being emitted from the company," lamented the residents. 

The residents petitioned that they had been experiencing regular episodes of breathing difficulties and discomfort due to inhalation of toxic fumes from the factory. 

"Despite escalating the issue to the concerned person in the factory, they seem to pay no heed," complained the petitioners. 

Hence, they have requested the District Collector to intervene in the issue."

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