Social activists urge action against tipplers loitering and disposing liquor bottles in Kanuvai area

By SimpliCity News Team, Photos: A. Vignesh

Jan 12, 2019 04:25 PM

Coimbatore : Social activists have urged the Police to take stern action against tipplers who loiter around Kanuvai area and dispose liquor bottles all over the place. 

During the tenure of late former Tamil Nadu CM MGR, a check dam was built in Pannimadai road near Kanuvai. "For years together, the check dam was not in use. Following which it has transformed into a hot spot for illegal activities", allege the public of the area.

"Especially for tipplers and gamblers, the check dam has turned out to be a haven", lament the public. Hundreds of broken beer and brandy bottles are spotted all over the area posing serious threat to elephants which pass through the check dam to enter Kanuvai area. 

As all the complaints of the public and social activists have fallen in deaf ears, the public of the area have stopped escalating the issue to the police. "However, in the recent days, we are more concerned of the issue, as men who throng the place for consuming alcohol get into an inebriated state and brawl with each other causing nuisance to the passersby," point the public. 

Speaking on this, Selvaraj, Organiser of 'Chinnavedampatti Yeri Padhugappu Amaippu’ said, "This check dam plays a major role in bringing water to Chinnavedampatti lake. The dam is also a prime source for many water bodies. Meanwhile, the dam has transformed into a club for drunkards. Animal wastes are also being dumped, on a regular basis at the location".

"Volunteers of our NGO have organised many clean up drives in the check dam and cleared tons of liquor bottles. However, all our efforts have gone in vain, as slackness by the police have spured up more illegal activities", he added. 

Selvaraj also opined that disposing liquor bottles in water bodies will hinder percolation of water. "The Police should carry regular patrol in the nights around the check dam and initiate stern action against the people indulging in illegal activities", he urged.

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