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Vellalore dump yard: Monitoring committee formed under National Green Tribunal inspects site; Corp. assures to issue tender

Dec 06, 2018 06:52 PM

Coimbatore : The Monitoring Committee formed under the orders of the National Green Tribunal (NGT) in October to clear waste dumped at the Vellalore dump yard in the ensuing four months, through the bio-mining process, conducted an enquiry today in Coimbatore. The Committee was led by the former Justice Jyothimani to investigate the functioning of the dump yard.

Hearing a case filed by the MDMK functionary, Eswaran, in 2013, the NGT had ordered the CCMC to clear 15.5 lakh cubic metres of waste in four months through the bio-mining process, starting October. In his petition to the Tribunal, Eswaran had mentioned that the waste recycling at the Vellalore dump yard is not happening according to the norms. It was also mentioned in his petition that heaps of untreated waste is getting dumped at Vellalore without proper segregation, and residents in the area are prone to several diseases due to this dump yard.

To monitor the progress made by CCMC, the Committee headed by former justice Jyothimani conducted an enquiry today. Thereafter, the CCMC has assured the Committee of the following:

* Tender will be called for to clear the 15.5 lakh cubic metres of waste in the Vellalore dump yard before January 15, 2019.

* By May, 2019, 64 waste management centres will be built across the city of which 10 will start functioning by 15 January. This will help in de-centralisation of waste management and Vellalore will no more have as much waste being dumped as of now on a daily basis.

* 3000 employees will be appointed for waste management and disposal.

* Segregation of waste will be done more efficiently henceforth.

After the hearing, the Committee announced that it would return in a month's time to monitoring the progress of the afore mentioned commitments given by the CCMC. The enquiry was attended by the Coimbatore District Collector T N Hariharan, G Prakash, Commissioner of Municipal Administration and the Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation Commissioner Dr.K. VijayaKarthikeyan.

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