Kerala elephants trained as Kumkis return home after a three-month training from Theppakadu camp

By SimpliCity News Team

Sep 14, 2018 02:45 PM

The Nilgiris : The three captive elephants from Kerala, which have undergone a three-month training camp, to get trained as Kumkis elephants in Theppakadu elephant camp in Mudumalai wildlife sanctuary, have returned to their home state Kerala after successful completion of their training along with their mahouts.

The three captive elephants have been trained as Kumkis to handle elephant depredations during incidents of man-animal conflict, the frequency of which has been rising in Kerala and in recent years.

The elephants owned by the Kerala forest department were imparted skills in accosting wild elephants and driving them back in to wild and other such Kumki skills during the training period at the Theppakadu camp, which is run by Tamilnadu Forest department.

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