"I will appeal to Supreme Court to remove all graves from Marina", Traffic Ramaswamy in Coimbatore

By SimpliCity News Team

Aug 10, 2018 06:00 PM

Coimbatore: Social activist, Traffic Ramaswamy has said that he will appeal to the Supreme court to remove the grave of Karunanidhi and all other leaders who were buried in the shores of Marina.

After filing a petition at the District Collectorate here, he addressed the media and alleged that, "Acting Chief Justice Huluvadi and G Ramesh of Madras high court had threatened my lawyer to withdraw my plea against burial in Marina. I have lost my respect for Justice Huluvadi G Ramesh as he had dismissed the case which has been in the court for over a year now."

He also noted that, "DMK members had threatened me and my lawyer to withdraw the case."

"As I denied to withdraw my PIL against permitting graves in Marina, the Chief Justice dismissed my case. Once, I get the order copy I will appeal at the Supreme Court", he added.

He also expressed that, ‘If the case against DMK was still on proceedings, then Karunanidhi"s burial wouldn’t have taken place in Marina.’ 

Speaking about the reason for his visit to Coimbatore, he said "I filed a petition to solve the drinking water problem prevailing at Thimmanur Village in Mettupalayam. The district Collector has assured me that he will take necessary action on my petition."

He opined that IAS officials are always ready to serve the people. It is the politicians who are not ready to make use of their service. Hence, public should address their demands directly to the officials and should withhold from the practice of addressing the issues to politicians.

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