Rain water stagnation, a menace to city motorists

By SimpliCity News Team

Jul 12, 2018 02:21 PM

Coimbatore: Following heavy downpour in many parts of Coimbatore, water clogging has turned to be a menace to the motorists. 

The major traffic points - Avinashi flyover, North Coimbatore flyover, Kikani school railway subway, GH Rail subway are clogged with rain water causing snail pace traffic movement. 

As maintenance works are not been carried out at these places, potholes pose a dangerous threat to the motorists and pedestrians. 

Adding to the traffic woes, rain water stagnation in these potholes have been testing the patience of the motorists, whose vehicles go defunct due to exposing their engines to water.

"Sometimes, vehicles become defunct as they get stuck amidst stagnated water. During rain days, vehicle congestion is a huge mess to tackle. Even the smallest of the roads are filled with vehicles. It takes half hour to one hour to even reach a nearby place, due to which we are forced to spend extra on fuel", Karthik, a motorist pointed.

Another motorist Arulraj said, ‘Many subways are in a miserable state. As repair works were not carried out for months together, they are found slushy and very slippery. The Officials should travel in these roads during raining days along with the motorists to understand the real-time issues faced by us."

"Lack of preparedness for monsoons is one of the reasons for such repeated issues", he added.

Regular motorists opine that "As flyovers come under the purview of City Corporation, the highways department does not pay heed to such issues".

"A permanent solution can be arrived, only if corporation and highways department work together" the public opine.

Commenting on the woes of the public, a senior official from the Corporation said, "Soon renovation works will be commence in these roads, under the Smart city project. Rainwater drainage systems are functional in GH railway flyover. Soon, rainwater drainage will be constructed in all underways".

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