Dr S Rajasekaran of Ganga Hospital becomes the First International Chair from the Asia Pacific region for AO Spine

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Jul 12, 2018 11:09 AM

Coimbatore: It is indeed a proud moment for the City of Coimbatore as globally acclaimed Spine Surgeon, Dr.S. Rajasekaran of Ganga Hospital, here, will take over as the 'International Chair of AOSpine', the World’s largest body of Spine Surgeons.

Chairmanship - First in Asia Pacific region

Notably, Dr. Rajasekaran is the first person to be nominated and elected from the whole of Asia Pacific region to this prestigious position. While, all the previous Chairs hail from North America and Europe. 

Coimbatore's own Spine Surgeon, Dr.Rajasekaran will take over from Prof Dan Riew, New York, USA during the Annual International Trustees meeting in Basel, Switzerland on Friday, July 13, 2018. He will then be holding this estimable position for a period of three years till 2021.

During this period, he will direct and co-ordinate the entire educational and research activities of this acclaimed international organization which allocates more than 20 Million dollars every year in education and research.

Earlier in 2015, he was elected as Chairperson of the AOSpine. He then quoted that "I will be stepping into the big shoes of illustrious past Chairpersons who all have contributed tremendously to AOSpine and left a legacy. It will be a challenge to match their performance but I am looking forward to this role and responsibility."

The globally acclaimed spine surgeon, Dr.S. Rajasekaran then shared his piece of advise to young spine surgeons by saying "I would advise that the future surgeons must look at a global development rather than just academic or technical development"

Focus & Plan

During his Chairmanship, Dr Rajasekaran aims to introduce two major international projects in spine surgery worldwide.

The first one is the formation of ‘Clinical Practice forums’ which will bring together expert spine surgeons on specific disease conditions around the world to enunciate standard practice protocols and appropriate guidelines across the world.

This will help to overcome the many controversies present over the treatment of various spinal disorders and promote consensus amongst surgeons worldwide. This will be a major step forward in improving outcomes of treatment for patients.

The second is the formation of ‘Spine Surgery Diploma Exams’ throughout the world. 

While the need for spine surgery and the number of spine surgeries performed around the world are on a rise, in more than 70% of the country there is no formal training and evaluation for the field of spine surgery. Hence, there is an urgent need for a standardized training and evaluation methods across the country borders. 

AOSpine will be the ideal organization to do this because of its international presence, wide ranging academic activities and conducting fellowship programmes for various levels of competency.

Other positions

Chairman, Dept of Orthopaedic & Spine Surgery, Ganga Hospital

President, SICOT

President, CSRS AP

Adjunct Professor, Tamilnadu Dr MGR Medical University.

Hunterian Professor, Royal College of Surgeons of England, 2011–12

Chairperson, AOSpine International Research Commission

Past President, Indian Orthopaedic Association

Past President, Association of Spine Surgeons of India

Past President, ISSLS, Canada

About AOSpine

AOSpine, is the largest international society of spine surgeons spread across all the continents and has more than 8000 spine surgeon members around the world. The vision of AOSpine is to be the leading society focusing on innovative education and research in spine care and to impart continuous knowledge towards improving patient’s life.

It has an educational wing which programs courses and tools for improvement at all stages in a surgeon’s career. Apart from being the most popular knowledge provider world wide, it is also a knowledge creator through its research activities. Key opinion leaders and pioneering surgeons around the world have been brought together through knowledge forums to provide continuous advances in patient care in the sub specialties of spine trauma, spine infections, spinal cord injury, spinal deformities and tumors. The knowledge created by AOSpine is extensively quoted and forms the standards of safe spinal care across the world.

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