Luke warm response from fire & rescue dept upsets residents

By SimpliCity News Team

Jul 12, 2018 09:15 AM

Coimbatore: The residents of Perumal Kovil Street in Ramanathupram have alleged that the fire and rescue department did not respond fittingly when  they called to complain of a house that partially collapsed due to rains. 

Moses, a resident of the area pointed that on the evening of July 11, a thatched roof house partially collpased, due to continous rains for the past few days. 

"Luckily, there was no one in the home. Yet, we were concerned about the gas cylinder in the kitchen which could inflame and trigger sizable damage to the nearby houses. Moreover, the house was in a  dilapidated state and could collapse completely anytime", he noted. 

Hence, the residents sought the help of the fire and rescue department to safely secure the cylinder struck amidst the debris. 

"The staff from the department, asked if there are any casualities? We answered 'no'. And, they hung up the phone", alleged one of the residents.

At last, the residents joined hands to clear the cylinder off the debris.  

"What if, the cylinder had bursted and neighbouring houses suffered property or life damages?  At least, some member of the team should present themselves and assist people during such unforeseen eventualities"", Mr. Moses opined. 

Disappointed by the luke warm response from the rescue department, the residents stressed that the rescue team should be fully geared up to attend  even such minor incidents.

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