Death of injured tusker raises doubts in Gudalur

By SimpliCity News Team

Jun 14, 2018 11:05 PM

The Nilgiris : With the injured tusker that was being treated at Cherambadi Reserve forest dying yesterday, doubts have risen about the cause of death as the nature of the injuries prove suspicious.

The elephant aged around 12 years, collapsed on a forest road at Cherambadi forest range in Pandalur on Tuesday. It reportedly suffered from injuries on its mouth and even though many claimed that the injuries could have been caused by infighting, initial diagnosis after the post-mortem has raised doubts.

According to the team of Veterinary officers lead by N.S. Manoharan, the injury may not have been caused by infighting as the lower jaw is badly fractured with dislodged molar tooth and a severely infected oral cavity.

Since the injury may have happened ten days ago, pus has formed upto the skull from the injury, which could have caused great pain to the animal.

The nature of the injury suspect the involvement of a country made bomb planted outside the reserve to kill wild boars.

This has been the case in some of the elephant deaths recently as injuries in the mouth caused by country bombs are proving fatal for the pachyderm. Activists have urged the forest department to look into the issue seriously and take immediate actions.

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