People protest in a novel way to close potholes

By SimpliCity News Team

Jun 14, 2018 08:22 PM

Tirupur : Public protested at  Pitchampalayam four- road junction in Tirupur demanding the closure of the pothole that has been causing accidents. 

The existing pothole on the  Pitchampalayam four-road junction at P.N. Road in Tirupur deepened due to the ongoing monsoon showers. 

"Despite urging officials to attend to it on priority, nothing was done", lamented the protestors who staged a novel protest by hanging garland to the pothole photo frame. 

Meanwhile, a couple of days back, a family of four reportedly stumbled and fell off the road, due to the pothole, the public noted. 

In an attempt to garner the attention of the officials, the residents joined hands to show their condemnation to the aithorities for turning deaf ear.   

Later, Anupparpalayam police who came to the protest site  pacified the protesters and assured of action immediately.

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