Elephant hunters imprisoned for 3 years

By SimpliCity News Team

Jun 13, 2018 05:39 PM

The Nilgris : The Kotagiri court today imposed a three years imprisonment for three people who were involved in elephant hunt in the Nilgiri North Division here.

They have been further imposed with a fine of Rs. 10,500 each.

According to sources, police arrested three people including Annadurai (41), Premkumar (37) and Shankar from Bhavani well tank and Shankar for reportedly hunting down an elephant in 2015.

The hunting happened in the close to the Thengumarahada region in OdhukkuKaadu Aadarbali Range.

The case proceedings happened in the Kotagiri case and the day of judgment was fixed for today. Reading the judgement, Magistrate Sridhar convicted all the three and imprisoned them for three years.

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