Feeding stream of Noyyal dumped with wastes

By SimpliCity News Team

May 16, 2018 09:10 PM

Coimbatore: Even as the sky has been kind enough to shower ample rain during the summer season feeding the lakes and tanks here, lack of care and blatant exploitation have turned some of the feeding streams of River Noyyal into dump yards.

To make things worse, these streams and dry river beds are also becoming dwelling places of stray dogs that are lured by the dumped wastes.

One of the victims of this activity is the Masa Orambu stream situated in Karunya Nagar, which has been constantly dumped by domestic waste and is always filled with stray dogs.

The situation of the stream has grown so bad that according to sources, the stream which was once perennial has become dry and is only fed during the rainy seasons in the last eight years.

Talking about the worse condition of the stream, G. Ramkumar, Coordinator of the Noyyal Padhukaappu Kuzhu and Siruvani Vizhudhugal said that even the vegetation on the stream has dried up.

“The stream been encroached with wastes and no actions seems to have been taken against the perpetrators,” he said.

He further added that sewage too has been mixed in the stream recently leading to emanation of stench from it.

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