Human Elephant Conflict - Farmers demand more compensation

By SimpliCity News Team

Mar 13, 2018 09:28 PM

Coimbatore : With ‘Project Kaliru’ paving way to various mitigation measures to counter Human-Elephant Conflict (HEC), farmers of the Thadagam region have urged the Forest Department to give more compensation for crop damage by wild animals.

Attending the coordination meeting organised by the Forest Department under Project Kaliru, farmers of the Coimbatore Range also claimed that compensation was being delayed by the department.

“When there is a damage, the farmer is forced to run from pillar to post to get the compensation. Other departments like revenue and agriculture need to be visit to complete the process. If this is simplified, farmers would be at grateful,” said Ravi, a farmer.

Another farmer also caimed that lack of maintenance of the Elephant Proof Trench dug on the boundaries had led to the venturing of elephants into farmlands. “This has resulted in a risky situation for farmers where even our lives are at stake,” he added.

They claimed that the farmlands were being damaged by others wildlife including Wild Bohr, Peafowl and Deer.

Reacting to the farmers, Ranger of Coimbatore Range Suresh said that the department had taken up preventive measures like installing thermal sensors in forest boundaries to identify elephant movement.

K. Kalidass from Osai said that a comprehensive policy was necessary to solve HEC.

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