Only the Special Act against honour killings will bring justice to Shankar's death: Kousalya

By SimpliCity News Team

Mar 13, 2018 09:02 PM

Inaugurating Shankar Social Justice Foundation, Kousalya, wife of Shankar who was killed by Kousalya’s parents in the name of caste said, ”A special act against honouring killings will only bring justice to Shankar’s death.” The foundation was inaugurated today, commemorating the second death anniversary of Shankar.

Kousalya said,”There wouldn’t have been a need for all this if Shankar was alive. His death has given me new dreams and ambitions. Shankar would have lived if the police officials had taken proper legal action.” She alleged that when they were brought to the police station, the officials there treated Shankar like a criminal. 

Highlighting the High Court’s judgement giving her the permission to conduct the event in an open space, Kousalya said that if anybody in future stops them from conducting remembrance for Shankar, they will face contempt of court cases. Releasing a small booklet about the foundation and her goals, she said, ”We may have different opinions but we all are aiming to achieve the same goal.”

Kousalya said that caste abolition is essential for the upliftment of Tamil community. “Though several people are fighting for caste abolition, we are separated, we all should come together”, she said. She said that not just today, but she would continue to fight for the special act against honour killings. 

Several senior political leaders from various parties were also present during the event.

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