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Kousika river turns into dump yard, activists demand action

Mar 08, 2018 09:10 PM

Environmental activists and several other social activists are demanding the District Administration take strict action against people who dump waste on the banks of Kousika River. Activists fear that the river which is has been rejuvenated after several years of persistent effort could get dried up and spoiled again due to the dumping of waste in the river.

Kousika river is located near Kovipalayam here. A few years ago, several environmental activists cleared the waste and unwanted trees on the banks of Kousika river and the river’s path and rejuvenated the river. Nearly 50 JCB proclainer machines were used for this purpose then. However, due to improper maintenance, some antisocial elements have again started dumping waste in the river again. Activists alleged that in the current state, none would recognize that there was a river here.

Activists alleged that people from wedding halls nearby, meat shops, are dumping waste in the river. They also alleged that plastic waste and industrial pollutants are also getting dumped in the river. 

However, authorities from Kovilpalayam panchayat visited the river on the complaint of the activists and have promised them that stern action will be taken against people who dump waste in the river and also promised them the waste will be cleared in two days. Authorities also said that vehicles used for waste dumping will be seized with the help of police personnel. Authorities also mentioned that a barbed wire barricade will be built near Coimbatore – Sathy road to prevent dumping.

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