PUCL demands transfer the lock up death case of Muslim Youth in Mettupalayam Police station to CBI

By SimpliCity News Team

Feb 13, 2018 02:39 PM

Coimbatore: Alleging police brutality in the death of 19-year-old Shahul Hameed, who had died while in police custody in Mettupalayam police station, the People Union for Civil Liberties, a Human rights group has demanded that Sub Inspector Ponraj, who was directly responsible for this should be suspended and departmental action be initiated against him.

Pon Chandran, Joint Secretary of the PUCL while briefing the media here said that a new FIR under section 176 (1A) should be filed and investigation carried out into the lock-up death Shahul Hameed, and the investigation should be transferred to CB (CID) and CBI for further investigation.

Alleging that Mettupalayam police, has invented stories for the death of the youngster, Pon Chandran said Shakul Hameed was not injured due to falling when public caught him for extortion of money and turned him over to police but had undergone torture in the lockup, due to which he died.

While welcoming the move of Sub-Inspector Ponraj, being put under compulsory wait without any posting he said that it is a welcome sign that a judicial magistrate is inquiring into the lock-up death case.

Pon Chandran also alleged that Sub Inspector Pon Chandran was religiously biased and his past behaviour only prove this allegation.

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