An Arm Around the Shoulder - Caring for OUR elderly

By SimpliCity News Team

Sep 17, 2017 03:11 PM


People in India are so happy they have so many miraculous plants literally at hand, that they do not even need modern medicine. One of these impressive plants is the Neem Tree. Indians call it the Miracle Tree and it is considered to be one of the most beneficial plants for the human health.

It doesn’t have a single side-effect as many modern drugs do, so it is practically a vital part of any natural treatment. Its most common use of this tree in India is for making virgin oil, which has high medicinal properties.

Life has come full circle: From the moment God chose to give them the greatest gift of parenthood, they have nutured and protected us, and now, it is our turn to pick them up when they fall and hold them steady when their steps falter.

The best gift we could give our elders is the gift of independence and dignity. We owe it to them, for it was they who taught us to love and give


Coimbatore District Welfare Association (CDWA):

CDWA (Coimbatore District Welfare Association) is a social welfare organization established in 1993 by the then District Collector, Mr. C.V. Shankar, and has its roots in Madras Provincial Welfare Fund (MSPWF) - a state-wide organisation concentrating on social service.

The organisation has been known for its social concern and works towards societal development including:

  • Construction and donation of buildings for intellectually challenged children in the Rotary Metro School at Mettupalayam.

  • Active participation in various health campaigns (e.g. National Pulse Polio Campaign).

  • Extending its helping hands to the poor by providing education and medical treatment.

In 2002, CDWA established a Senior Citizens Home to accommodate 40 senior citizens in Mathipalayam and provides free accommodation, food, medical aid and periodic excursions. The home is maintained with Government grant and benevolent donations from the public.

Understanding the sensitive needs of senior citizens who yearn for companionship, CDWA has grabbed another opportunity to serve the elderly and thus established a Day Care Centre - Adaravu which aims to socially engage the elderly for happy aging.

ADARAVU is an arm around the shoulder:

We believe in giving with gratitude.

CDWA, currently functioning with the support of the District Collector and Chairperson, Dr. Nandini Rangaswamy under the guidance of Vice Chairpersons, Dr. J.G. Shanmuganathan and Shri.S. Mohan Sankar, established ADARAVU to hold the tired hands of the elderly and assure them of their value in the modern society.

Adaravu provides them with more than a shelter - companionship. A peaceful environment with likeminded, positive people who inspire each other to be lively and creative through outdoor/indoor recreations, hobbies, and religious activities.

Tomorrow is always a Bright Sunny day in ADARAVU. Here, our elders radiate warmth and peace with grace and self-confidence.

  • Resting Lounge

  • Walker’s path

  • Rejuvenate

  • Cafeteria

  • Library & Reading room

  • On-call medical care

  • Indoor Games

  • Lunch-on-request


Donations or rather gratitude, as we would like to call it, could be in the form of:

  • Monetary help towards building infrastructure and development.

  • Voluntary medical services.

  • Fundraising events and campaigns.

  • Corporate initiatives and involvements.

  • Medical Equipments, etc.

The very fact that we could do something within our means would erase all thoughts of loneliness or isolation from the minds of the elderly. We not only make them feel loved and cared for, but also significant and wanted.


Donations do not only mean monetary help, it is more about the thought that goes along with it-Wholehearted gratitude for what they have given us all their lives. A gift of love, security, and warmth is what they need.

With the support of the District Administration, Adaravu is a safe haven with sophisticated facilities and friendly housekeepers. Through funds and contributions from the benevolent society, CDWA has targeted Rs. 1.5 crore towards building and infrastructure development.

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