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Getting to know farming, the organic way

Jun 04, 2017 03:05 PM

At a time when the need for avoiding chemical laden agricultural practices is dire, people’s awareness on organic farming is seeping through little by little on the positive side. However, not many are getting to know organic farming better because of lack of exposure. In order to fill in the void, thirty members were taken on a field trip to an organic farm in Coimbatore here on Sunday.

Jointly organised by Bio Basics, a city based organic food retailer and Humane Animal Society, an animal welfare organisation, the trip aimed at creating awareness about organic farming.

According to Ramesh Chandran, Founder of Bio basics, the team visited the KRS organic farm at the foothills of Ayyasamy hill near Kuppanur. "Crop including grapes, tomatoes, shallots and other vegetables are farmed in the 25 acre plot using organic methods," he said.

Held as a part of World Environment Day celebrations, the trip was also to discuss about the impact of chemical agriculture and animal farming on the environment.

"While chemicals have taken over farming by and large, large scale animal farming has been responsible for the emission of green house gases and it has been proved by many studies," said Chandran.

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