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Organized by: FounderPassion Foundation
Entry Fee: Free
Ag-Invest 2019 

150+ AgStart-Up’s

50+ Investors

Date: 5th & 6th December 2019

Venue: FounderPassion Foundation, Coimbatore


Agriculture sector has 50% population dependent on it with an ever growing market that requires massive need for Innovation & Up-gradation. India’s agricultural exports account for about USD40 billion, which is 12-13% of India’s total exports. The industry has more challenges than any other industry and thus provides us with more opportunities to explore & innovate. 


We at FounderPassion Foundation are organizing an “Ag-Invest”, a National Level pitch session for the Agriculture Start-Up’s. Our focus is to identify, nurture the most innovative Start-Up’s in the Agriculture space. Our Investment focus will be at three different stages Early/Seed Stage, Seed, Angel and Venture Capital Investments. We are also focusing on Idea/Early MVP stage Start-Up’s who are looking for grants. We are inviting Start-Up’s across the country and so do our investors. 


The few focus areas we are exploring are:

Food Supply chain

Nutritious System

Preservation & Storage Technology

Farm to Market

Residue Management & Responsible use of Antibiotics


Precision Agriculture


Post harvest Technology

Water Tech

Predictive Agriculture

Agri-Tech: IOT, AI, Automation, Robotics, Drones, Decision Support Systems, ICT

Plant Production/Protection

Animal Husbandry

Crop Protection, Sustainability & Food Quality

Sustainable feed

Meat grading and quality

On farm sensor technology and remote sensing

Soil health/Tech

Waste reduction

Land utilisation


Agriculture ecosystem need to disrupt and shift strategies to maintain competitiveness and relevancy. The farm-to-table dynamic continues to alter how companies across the value chain are defining customers and going to market, resulting in new business models and revenue streams

Send your pitch deck to [email protected]


Venue: FounderPassion Foundation

Location: Vijaya, 46/10, Kerala Club Road,ATT

Email: [email protected]

Dec 05 - Dec 06
09:00 AM - 06:00 PM