Workshop on Creative Fabrication, 3D Printing, Laser Cutting
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Course Fee Rs. 750
Rapid prototyping technologies are techniques used to create a real-scale model of an object in short lead-time, using CAD software. They include 3D printing, subtractive manufacturing (turning, milling, drilling) and casting. Rapid prototyping takes your designs out of the computer and into the real world. This course is designed in understanding

 + What is CAD and rapid prototyping? 

 + Which are the main rapid prototyping techniques? 

 + How to choose the right one for your project? 

 + Which material would be the best? 

Course Overview-

+ Introduction to CAD 

+ CAD Modelling approaches

+ Drawings to 3D models with case studies

+ Introduction to CAD software for product design 

+ Introduction to Rapid Prototyping Techniques

+ Selection of appropriate Rapid Prototyping techniques

+ Rapid Prototyping tools

Course Outcomes-

+A platform to tinker, explore, experience, experiment, learn and unlearn the latest 3D printing & laser cutting Technologies

+Practical insights on employing rapid prototyping tools and equipment for designing product structures

+´ŞĆEnable Product Designers to create a functional prototype in a short time with insights on selecting an appropriate Rapid Prototyping technique and fabrication/assembly decisions, a key impetus for the transition to Industry 4.0.

Date- 12 October 2019

Course Fee : Rupees 750 /- ( Inclusive all tax)


 + Certificate

 + Session fee

 + Refreshments

Contact :

Vimal Kumar +91 944 3354 314


Venue: FORGE Accelerator


Name: Vimal Kumar

Phone: 944 3354 314

Oct 12
08:30 AM - 05:30 PM