The Silent Hijack - 14th August
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Organized by: Mango Education
Entry Fee: Free
Mango Open House #92

Topic: The Silent Hijack

The intellectual and cultural consequences of the internet.

What does it mean when neuroscientists say our brain is "qualitatively neutral"?

How does that affect us in the age of the Internet?

How much information can the human brain comprehend and make sense of? Does more information  and easy access to it necessarily mean good?

How multimedia and sensory overload is contributing to "attention deficit" in our children?

This session by Dr. Menaka Manickaraj will equip you with data that will allow you to make an informed decision regarding gadget usage for yourself and your children.

About the speaker:

Dr. Menaka Manickaraj is a practicing preventive and pediatric dentist and former asst. Professor of Pedodontics at Sri Ramakrishna Dental College. She continues her love for teaching as Drama teacher in yellowtrain since 2014.

She has two children Abinaya Bharathi and Karnan who are 12 & 10 years old and have been brought up in a TV/gadget free household for the past ten years. In this session she will be sharing why she made this decision which will give you a fresh perspective on the whole idea.

The entry for the session is open to all and there is no fee involved. 

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Venue: Mango Education, GV Residency

Location: Uppilipalayam, Coimbatore

Aug 14
7 pm to 9 pm