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"Zenlp Practitioner Program - Certified.

What is Zenlp ?

Neuro Linguistic Programming is a study of excellence. It makes one to self-realize his/ her excellence to achieve something he or she has never achieved it before. Zenlp is the academy / place where NLP stays as Course Material. 

Who conducts the program?

Zenlp Trainers

Will it be Theoretical? Practical?

100 % Practical. Come without any notebook. Just learn and script the learning in your mind. Mind is the best notebook.

To whom this will be supportive?

To all. To those who want to self-realize and excel in getting his / her personal best.

What's the experience of the Trainer?

Zenlp Academy Trains the Trainer in following Circuit - Zenlp Practitioners, Zenlp Master Practitioners and Zenlp Trainer Training. To understand and finish this learning methodology, it takes around 2 Years. With their Previous Experiences from their fields, This addition makes them an Efficient and Practical Trainers. Zenlp Academy takes responsibility for the experience of the Trainers.

I am already a Trainer? Can I join?

Yes you can. Possibly you are expected to remove this ' already a Trainer ' tag outside the room of learning. In this world, everyone can practice the Learning. That's the only possibility.

I want to become a Trainer. Can I join?

Yes. You can. As said already, focus on learning and practicing. Trainer identity will come later and it will be given by the public.

I own a School / Industry / Business. Will it be helpful?

Any business, you are supposed to relate with people. Relating well with people makes Good rapport, this will be reflected in business as a positive growth. Yes. It helps a lot.

I work in corporate. Will it be helpful?

Same answer you read above.

When will I get Certificate?

On the competition of projects,certification will be done.

Zenlp Practitioner Level 1 

Zenlp Practitioner Level 2 

Zenlp Practitioner Level 3 

Zenlp Practitioner Level 4 

On completion of 4 levels, with proper submission of projects (on time), Zenlp Practitioner certification will reach the participant. 

Mode of language?

English / Regional Language 

Project support?

Yes 24/7/365  

Welcome to the world of Learning and Moving Forward. 


Location: Coimbatore

Phone: 9886062740

Aug 17 - Aug 18