Kovai Art Street - January 12
Event Detail
Organized by: Marquee Events
Entry Fee: Free
Excellent platform to showcase talents

An event for artists, lovers of art and the discerning people from our very own Coimbatore! Art Street will be extra special with work curated by a panel of artists who will display their mind-blowing art on Scheme Road, Race Course.

This year we bring to you the work of a few favourites who are inspirational street artists and well-known faces, as well as some of whom you may not have heard of – but will want to see more of.

Street art now has a permanent claim on the art world and the expressions and the capability of the street artists has simply transformed many streets that were once barren or seen as industrial areas as well!

Street art is extremely difficult and that’s one reason why we Coimbatoreans have come forward to honour these artists and give them the respect they deserve. All these artists have different styles and approaches, but they all share the same attribute – their art has left indelible impressions and by bringing them together we, Coimbatoreans are paying tribute to each of them as artists, as well as to the ART! What these artists have produced is incredible and the Art Street this year will be yet another extraordinary festival where you may feast your eyes with the exceptional quality of the work on display!

This event will particularly make the experience an immensely enjoyable and joyful one with the participants and the onlookers feeling totally involved and very much a part of the event. Apart from the main event there will be several Art and Photo Exhibitions in different parts of the city that will enable Coimbatoreans to be involved and showcase their talent. The work on display will be diverse and you have a lot to explore and experience.


Venue: Scheme Road

Location: Race Course, Coimbatore

Phone: 0422 4044555

Jan 12 - Jan 13