Open Mic Night - Music - E25
Event Detail
Organized by: 641 - Community Café
Entry Fee: Paid
The Open Music Night is an event exclusively hosted for the musicians of the city. It is a platform that showcases different type of artists performing in different genres. Language is not restriction as music in itself is a language and it captivates the soul, mind and body. 

Age is just a number and there are no bars when it comes to the performers.

The event focuses on bringing together musicians from different sects of life and brings them together on a common stage and to shares their musical abilities and also witness new talents. 

This provides a new way for the performers and the audience to connect with each other, meet new people and talents, and also be a support to the community and promoting the budding talents.


Venue: 641 - Community Café

Location: 7th Cross Street, Bharathi Park, Saibaba Colony, Coimbatore

Phone: 9500641043

Sep 15
6:00 PM