Sri Lalitha Kameswara Divine Wedding
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Organized by: Sri Lalithambika Trust
Entry Fee: Free
Sri Lalitha Kameswara Divine Wedding at Sri Lalithambika Temple on 10th August, 2018 at 10 am.

Annadana at 12 noon. All are welcome! Seek the Blessings of the Divine Mother!

History of Sri Lalithambika

The Devas stood in prayers towards Divine Mother to slay the demon Pandasura. Following the orders of Lord Shiva, a yagna was made in "Sidakni Gunda" by Lord Indra. From the fire of the yagna, rose an avatar of Paravathi Devi, in the name of beautiful Sri lalithambika. The great "Abhirami Andhaadi" describes her as "one who has no comparison in beauty".

According to the boon received by demon Pandasura in the past, Sri Lalithambika cannot slay him as a "Kanniga". Hence, the Devas surrendered themselves to Lord Shiva and requested him to marry Sri Lalithambika. Lord Shiva took an avatoar of an handsome groom in the name of Sri Kameswara.

The marriage of Sri Lalitha and Kamesara was held with splendor and gaiety which mesmerized the three worlds. Devas wished them with showers of flowers. The Rishis made a chorus in veda. humans dwelt in abundant happiness. Sri Lalitha Kameswara established a throne in the middle of Bindhu of Sri Chakra Maha Meru and gave good governance for all the worlds. Then, Sri Lalithambika did the slaying of Pandasura and established "Dharma".


Venue: Sri Lalithambika Temple

Location: No. 5/109, Periya Thadagam, Coimbatore


Phone: 9965155333, 6380977848


Aug 10
10:00 AM