Madhubani Painting Workshop - June 16
Event Detail
Organized by: Prakruthi Arts & Crafts
Entry Fee: Paid
Rs. 3500

Madhubani Painting originated from madhubani district of Mithila region of Bihar. Madhubani paintings are drawn in accordance with a fixed theme and accordingly symbols, lines, patterns are drawn. Madhubani Paintings belong to the category of folk art.These paintings mostly depict nature and religious motifs and the themes generally depict dieties, nature,fishes,peacock etc.Natural objects like the sun,the moon, and the religious plants like tulsi are also widely painted,along with the scenes from the royal court and social events like weddings.The paintings are done in handmade paper, canvas, dupattas, stoles etc.

In this Workshop, Madhubani art form and its different methods will be explained in detail. The Traditional style of madhubani painting will be taught in the class on a handmade paper.

All Materials will be provided in the class.

Materials include: Nib pen/Marker, Colours, Brushes, handmade paper.

1. Introduction to Madhubani art form,

2. Explain the different methods of madhubani art,Drawing/Tracing the Madhubani picture

3. Outlining using Nib pen/Marker

4. Madhubani Coloring techniques,

5. Completion of the Madhubani Picture. 

Fees: Include Madhubani Kit, materials, Teaching

Age : Above 12 years

No pre knowledge on any painting is required.

People who are Passionate to learn can participate.

Facebook Page: Prakruthi Arts and Crafts


Venue: Coimbatore

Phone: 9994108925

Jun 16 - Jun 17
10:00 AM