Cricket & Statistics Workshop
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Organized by: Mango Education
Entry Fee: Paid
Kids in this 3 hrs workshop will learn to read data, use basic statistics tool to choose the player for the Indian Cricket team from IPL 2018 data and also get an activity sheet to try at home. They will explore the importance of statistics and also understand how technology tools have made statistics more fun and powerful. Excel tools will be used in this workshop to understand the power of statistics.

Cricket has become integral part of our day to day life. Kids often are so obsessed with the game, that they know so much about the player. From the players batting average, wickets taken, the pitch that he plays well. Can this love for cricket be used to introduce them technology and statistics? From predicting the possibility of CSK to win the IPL 2018, to choosing the right team to the right pitch, statistics has played a significant role. 

Statistics as a tool is misunderstood. With Data collection and Data processing skyrocketing every year, the need and statistics is growing more than ever. It has been victimised in the battle of Science and Commerce streams. Though it is significant in both the streams, but in our school system it has been taught deeper only in Commerce or Economics. 

Kids will be learning how big data is so far used and they will be exploring in their day to day lives how they can use it to make things better. They will also understand how a vast quantity of data is processed and brings closer to the accurate prediction.


1) Mr. Vivek Krishna - founder of Augrav, an online personalised jewellery startup. A CIT alumni, Prior to Augrav he has been meddling with data right from his college days. He has vast experience in Data process, data prediction and his love for data made him pursue his masters in Indiana University Bloomington. The most interesting thing about his past love with data and physics is he had interned at Indian Institute of Astrophysics and The Indiana University Cyclotron Facility

2) Mr. Arumugham - Co-founder, Mango Education is an engineer turned educator & was a full stack developer in his previous Startup based out of Bangalore. He believes self discovery and self realisation helps kid become self learner. He treats kids as fellow Human (or so called adult) for then he says by doing so the conversation are not monologue but dialogue and teaching becomes sharing.

Things to be carried: 

1. Laptop with excel or google spreadsheets

2. Mouse

3. Calculator 

P.S. This workshop is for kids of 10yrs and above.


Venue: Mango Education

Location: No 77, 2nd Floor, Kongu Nagar, Ramanathapuram, Coimbatore

Phone: 9952243541

Jun 17
03:00 PM - 06:00 PM