Happy Couple - how to build happy relationships - June 16
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Organized by: AskKrishna Centre For Mindfulness (P) Ltd
Entry Fee: Paid
Couple: Rs. 7777
First time in Coimbatore we plan to have an event specially designed for the 'to be wedded' and 'newly wedded' couples. 

Wedded couples programs be like - Jodi No1, Reality shows or such. They are limelighted chances to show off compatibility between them whether it's a fact or not!

On the other hand, a program on understanding each other and everlasting happiness is consciously escaped. Because to the world around us, we always want to look like an ideal couple. A couple going to a session is judged by the society. At the cost of this societal fear, we risk our happiness. We risk our relationships. We try and work on everything ourselves till the last minute when it goes beyond repair. While we are never shy to spend time trying out accessories, choosing the best of cars and phones or even shoes, we are quite sheepish to invest and explore the happiness in our relationship. The one that is supposed to last longer than our other assets.

Happy Couple is a program for every young couple! But only if they are serious about enjoying everlasting happiness in your marital life.

Date: June 17

Timing: 10.15 am


Venue: AskKrishna Centre For Mindfulness (P) Ltd

Location: No. 9, Race Course, Coimbatore

Name: Ms. Reni

Phone: 9585599299

Jun 16 - Jun 17
4:15 PM