Ease of Doing Startup in Coimbatore
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Organized by: eChai
Entry Fee: Paid
eChai will be hosting the 'Ease Of Doing Startup' series in 20+ Cities on 17th March, Saturday.

Ease Of Doing Startup will have 4 major tracks:

*Legal & Accounting

*Technology Enablers

*Startup Tools


We will have a group of entrepreneurs, CAs, law firms and Service providers to help you get started with your venture and/or to help you understand the specific aspect of running an enterprise.

We will also have an online QnA session at eChai.in where you can ask any specific questions to any of the mentors or to the community.

It aims to answer many frequently asked questions about:

*How to register a company? 

*How to get the company bank account? 

*What are the key legal & accounting related aspects the one needs to take care of?

*Which are the good ISPs? 

*Which are are the good payments to help them get started? 

*Which are the good technology service providers? 

*How to find a right technology partner?

*Which are the useful Startup Tools?

Similarly many other questions.

About eChai Ventures:

eChai is an amazing offline-online Startup Social Network which helps you grow your Startup #CoRise Network, Get more business and CoLearn with the community.

Check out the eChai membership benefits and all the other things about eChai at http://eChai.in/


Venue: Coimbatore

Location: Coimbatore

Mar 17
04:00 PM - 06:00 PM