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Namma Ooru Saapaadu 2.0: Relish a lavish spread of Kongu cuisine for Sunday lunch and dinner!

By SimpliCity

Feb 24, 2019

When you walk towards the neatly spaced buffet, you are greeted by milestones leading to a Namma Ooru Saapaadu board which gives you a view of what is inside. 

On the way to it we are greeted with cycles and Thanjavur dolls and are welcomed with warm vanakkam from the staff. The smell of the familiar food makes us crave to get to our plates.

As we sat down, we were served with Naatu Kozhi Soup which had delectable pieces of Naatu Kozhi and in the perfect mix of spice and flavor. It warmed us up for what's in store.

Master chef Somu explained us the course and pointed us that this spread is as much vegetarian as it is non vegetarian. We were curious and asked for vegetarian starters as well as non vegetarian.

The sena kilangu fingers, the keera cutlets, the karuveppilai panneer all proved what Chef Somu had told us about Vegetarian. 

It's been a while that we had vegetarian equally dominate non vegetarian in a buffet. Every dish was carefully selected and was on par with the non vegetarian offering.

Every starter made us want more but we had to not eat mucb coz the spread was wide in variety and we had to leave some space ;)

After scoring the wonderful vegetarian dishes that was on the table, we turned our attention to the non vegetarian dishes. From succulent chettinad style chicken, thala curry and our personal favorite, Eraal fry. The Eraal fry was quite unique in that it was so simple in its flavor and the seeds on top it added to what was already an astonishing flavour. 

By this time we requested the ever attentive staff about the drinks that is part of the menu and they had Madurai Jigarthanda and Nannari Soda Sarbath. We gleefully accepted the Nannari Sarbath as it would go terrifically well with what was being served. 

After delighting our palettes with wonderful starters from both veg and non veg, we decided to take a stroll through the buffet to pick up on what the main courses were. Of course this was after a juicy cold sip of our favorite Nannari Sarbath.

We saw a lot of namma ooru in the spread. From Jilebis, adhirasams to a special paereecha (dates) mittai, everything had a mouthwatering taste to it. Chef Somu was quick to add that they made all this in house. Curd semiya in a pot looked great. We had a scoop of that as we couldn't hold back the look of it. 

The main course had a good variety of biriyanis, pulaos, variety rice, sambar and rasam. 

The live counter served wonderful Aapam with very rich coconut milk and mutton gravy. 

And for all the seafood lovers out there, the stimulating smell from the 'live' fish fry counter is sure to spike your appetite. Varieties -- Tilapia, Rohu, Nethili all marinated in different flavours are deep fried and served with freshly sliced onions in banana leaves.

By this time we wanted another glass of Nannari but settled with Jigarthanda as our dessert finish.

"Everyday there is a different menu", said Chef Somu and asked us to come and try one more day. 

The summer has already started and is very hot in Coimbatore. Namma Ooru Saapaadu gives us the perfect blend of food items to feed our Sunday feast and quench the summer thirst in a very cozy, clean ambience. 

Namma Ooru Saapaadu 2.0 is a food festival hosted by Fairfield by Marriott. Call +91-70944-46622

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